Microsoft announces Copilot, new AI technology for Microsoft 365

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When Microsoft revealed Copilot, its new artificial intelligence technology, at an event for Microsoft 365, attendees were wowed by the potential implications for Office documents.

While many chatbots and digital assistants have been designed to handle basic tasks or customer service inquiries, Copilot is different in that it is designed specifically for interacting with Office documents. That means users will be able to ask Copilot for help with tasks like formatting a document, finding a specific section or slide, or entering data into a spreadsheet.

The idea is that Copilot will free up users’ time so they can focus on more important tasks. And because Copilot is powered by artificial intelligence, it will get better over time at understanding the user’s needs and preferences.

Microsoft is already using Copilot internally, and it has plans to make the technology available to select Microsoft 365 customers in the coming months. Based on the early reaction, it seems like Copilot could change the way we use Office documents forever.

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