Apple Watch helps alert man to life

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When Apple first released the Watch, many in the tech community were nonplussed. It didn’t seem like something that Apple normally released – something that was revolutionary and would change the tech landscape. It just seemed like a nice gimmick – a way to release another product with the Apple logo on it.

But the Apple Watch has since proven its doubters wrong. In fact, it has done something that even its staunchest supporters didn’t think it would be able to do – it has saved lives.

One such life was saved by the Watch was that of a man named Josh Hardy. Hardy is a father of two from Virginia. In 2015, he was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent chemo and radiation, and while his cancer was in remission, the treatment caused him to develop a serious infection.

This infection led to septic shock, and Hardy was put into a medically induced coma. He was on life support for weeks, and his family was told that he might not make it.

But Hardy did make it. And he credits the Apple Watch for saving his life.

Here’s how it happened: Hardy’s wife, Ashley, was wearing her Apple Watch when she got a notification that Hardy’s heart rate was dangerously low. She rushed him to the hospital, where he was able to get the life-saving treatment he needed.

Hardy is just one of many people whose life has been saved by the Apple Watch. And while the Watch isn’t perfect, it is clear that it is a life-saving tool that can help people in a variety of situations.

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