Blizzard is “actively working” on Diablo 4 beta’s queue times

Almost two decades after the release of the original Diablo, Blizzard seems to have taken its sweet time with the highly anticipated Diablo 4. The game was first announced way back in 2008, and after several developmental hiccups, it was finally playable at last year’s BlizzCon.

Although the game is still in early alpha stages, those who were lucky enough to get their hands on a beta code have been able to play it for the past few weeks. And while the game is still very much a work in progress, there’s already a lot to like.

The most obvious change is the switch to an isometric camera perspective, which gives the game a more modern look and feel. The art style is also noticeably darker and grittier than in previous Diablo games, which should please fans of the original game.

The gameplay itself is mostly what you would expect from a Diablo game, with hack-and-slash action and plenty of loot to collect. However, there are some new features, such as the ability to respec your character’s skills and talents, that should add some much-needed depth and replayability.

One of the biggest problems with the beta so far has been the long queue times to get into a game. Thankfully, Blizzard has announced that they are “actively working” on addressing this issue.

All in all, the Diablo 4 beta is off to a promising start. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but fans of the series will be happy to know that the wait for the next installment is finally coming to an end.

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