Apple will add a new button to the iPhone 15 and ditch a switch, rumours suggest

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As we approach the release of the iPhone 15, rumours are swirling about what new features Apple’s latest flagship phone will bring. One of the most interesting rumours is that Apple may be planning to ditch the physical buttons in favour of a new touch-sensitive button design.

This would be a major departure from the current iPhone design, and it’s not clear why Apple would make such a change. There are a few possible explanations.

First, it’s possible that Apple is trying to save space on the iPhone 15. The current design of the iPhone includes a large bezel around the display, which houses the Home button and the Touch ID sensor. If Apple removed the buttons, they could potentially reduce the size of the bezel, making for a more compact phone.

Second, Apple may be planning to introduce new features that would make use of a touch-sensitive button. For example, the rumoured “Air Tags” could be used in conjunction with a touch-sensitive button to help you track down misplaced items.

Finally, it’s also possible that Apple is simply trying to make the iPhone 15 more stylish. A touch-sensitive button would give the phone a more futuristic look, and it would help differentiate the iPhone 15 from its predecessor.

whatever the reason, it’s clear that Apple is considering a major change to the iPhone’s design. We’ll have to wait and see if the rumours are true, but if they are, the iPhone 15 could be a very different beast from the current model.

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