Microsoft Bing now uses OpenAI’s DALL

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Microsoft has announced a new partnership with OpenAI, one of the leading companies in artificial intelligence development. The two companies are working together to bring DALL-E, an AI-powered image generation tool, to Microsoft Bing.

DALL-E is based on a deep learning algorithm that can interpret textual descriptions of images and generate corresponding images. For example,Inputting the text “a person riding a motorcycle on a dirt road” will generate a corresponding image.

The addition of DALL-E to Bing will allow users to generate images from text descriptions, making it a powerful tool for visual search and exploration.

Microsoft is no stranger to artificial intelligence. The company has been working on developing AI tools and applications for many years. In fact, Microsoft was one of the first companies to develop and release a public API for artificial intelligence.

The partnership with OpenAI is just the latest example of Microsoft’s commitment to AI. By working with leading companies like OpenAI, Microsoft is able to bring the latest and greatest AI technology to its products and services.

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