Apple iPhone 15 Pro Leaked Renders Show New Buttons

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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro has been the subject of many leaks and rumors, and the latest one comes in the form of leaked renders which show off the new button layout. The renders, which come courtesy of @onleaks, show the new button layout as well as the new camera module.

The new button layout seems to be designed to allow for a more comfortable grip, as well as to make room for the new camera module. The camera module itself is said to be larger than the one on the iPhone 11 Pro, and it is rumored to include a 3x telephoto lens and a periscope-style lens.

The renders also show off the new color options for the iPhone 15 Pro, which include a glossy black and a matte white. The glossy black color is said to be similar to the one used on the iPhone 12 Pro, while the matte white is said to be a new color option.

While the new button layout and camera module are the most notable changes, there are also a few other rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro that are worth mentioning. One is that the phone will feature a new “ProMotion” display, which is said to offer a 120Hz refresh rate.

Another rumor is that the iPhone 15 Pro will be powered by a new A15 Bionic processor, which is said to be based on a 5nm process. This would make it the first iPhone to be powered by a 5nm processor, and it is said to offer a significant performance boost over the A13 Bionic used in the iPhone 11 Pro.

Finally, there have been rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro will feature improved water resistance, and that it will be compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe wireless charging standard.

As with all rumors, take them with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation from Apple. But if even half of what we’re hearing about the iPhone 15 Pro is true, then it is shaping up to be one of the most impressive smartphones ever made.

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