Daily Crunch: Bing allows users to generate images using ‘very latest DALL

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Since its inception, Bing has been constantly working to improve its image search feature by incorporating the latest cutting-edge technologies. The latest addition to its image search arsenal is the ‘very latest DALL-E models’, which allows users to generate images based on textual input.

The DALL-E models are based on the GPT-3 transformer model and are trained on a large dataset of images and text. This enables the model to generate images that are high in quality and resemble the real world.

Bing’s image search feature is now able to generate images based on the textual input from users. This is a major breakthrough as it opens up a whole new range of possibilities for Bing image search.

The DALL-E models are not only capable of generating images from scratch, but can also edit and manipulate existing images. This allows users to easily create custom images for their needs.

Bing’s image search feature is now more powerful than ever before, and with the addition of the DALL-E models, it is poised to take the lead in the image search market.

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