Epic’s hyperrealistic MetaHumans can soon be animated using an iPhone

an empty street with a building in the background

This past week at the State of Unreal event, Epic Games released a demo of their new MetaHumans technology, which allows users to create hyperrealistic 3D characters that can be animated in real time using an iPhone.

The MetaHumans technology is based on a set of instructions known as a neural network, which is fed data about human faces and movements. This data is then used to generate a set of realistic 3D models, which can be animated in real time.

The demo showed off the capabilities of the MetaHumans technology, with a character that was able to show a range of emotions and respond to questions. The character was also able to lip sync to a pre-recorded audio clip, and the animation was realistic enough that it could easily be mistaken for live action footage.

Epic Games has not announced when the MetaHumans technology will be released, but it is expected to be available sometime in the next few months.

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