Virtuix ‘Omni One’ VR Treadmill Now Shipping to Early Investors

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Virtuix’s Omni One virtual reality system is now shipping to early investors, the company announced today. The system, which is designed for use with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, costs $7,000 and includes a “treadmill” that allows users to walk and run in VR.

The Omni One is Virtuix’s second product, following the release of the Omni Pro system for commercial use. The company says the Omni One is “the first DR product designed for the home,” and that it’s “Shipping now to early investors.”

The system includes a treadmill, a “stabilizer ring” to keep users from falling over, and a “harness” that ensures they don’t walk out of the bounds of the real-world space. It’s all powered by Oculus Rift and Virtuix’s own software, which is designed to work with a number of different VR games.

The company is now taking orders for the Omni One on its website, and says it will begin shipping the system in “early 2020.”

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