Faster Speeds and Improved Calling For WhatsApp Desktop

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WhatsApp for Windows has been updated with a new client and improved calling features. The updated client is available for Windows 7 and above. WhatsApp group admins can now also decide who can join a chat.

The new WhatsApp for Windows client brings a number of improvements over the previous version. chief among them is support for HD video calling. WhatsApp has also improved the quality of voice calls on the Desktop client.

Other improvements include the ability to see new public groups and broadcast lists that have been created by your contacts. WhatsApp has also added a new shortcut to the Windows 10 Desktop. This shortcut allows you to quickly open WhatsApp without having to open the app first.

To get the new WhatsApp for Windows client, simply head over to the WhatsApp website and download the latest version. The new client is also available on the Microsoft Store.

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