PayPal’s passwordless future is here on Android

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PayPal launches passkey logins for Android in the US:PayPal has announced the launch of passkey logins for Android in the US. This new feature will allow users to log in to their PayPal account without having to enter a password.

This is a great new security feature for Android users. With passkey login, users will be able to use their fingerprint or a PIN to log in to their PayPal account. This will help to protect users’ accounts from being accessed by someone who does not have their password.

The launch of this new feature comes as PayPal is looking to increase its security features in the wake of the recent string of data breaches. By offering this new login option, PayPal is giving users another layer of security to help protect their accounts.

We hope to see this new feature rolled out to more countries in the future. In the meantime, US users can now enjoy the added security of passkey login on their Android devices.

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