Apple Music has an amazing feature that no

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Apple Music has a fantastic feature that not many people know about. It’s called ‘Listen Now’ and it’s an amazing way to keep up with new music and find new artists to listen to.

I’ve been using Apple Music for a while now and I have to say, I’m really impressed with this feature. It’s super easy to use and it’s a great way to find new music.

Basically, ‘Listen Now’ is a tab in the Apple Music app that shows you a bunch of different playlists that you can listen to. You can either browse by genre or by artist, and there’s also a section for new releases.

I really like this feature because it’s a great way to discover new music. I often find myself browsing the ‘Listen Now’ section when I’m looking for something new to listen to.

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, I highly recommend checking out the ‘Listen Now’ feature. It’s a great way to find new music and keep up with the latest releases.

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