Apple Releases iOS 16.4 With New Emoji, Safari Web Push Notifications, Beta Changes, Voice Isolation for Calls and More

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Apple has released the latest version of iOS, numbered 16.4. This update offers a bevy of new features and improvements, including a brand new batch of emoji, Safari web push notifications, beta changes, and more.

For emoji fans, the new update brings over 100 new symbols to play with. These include a range of new animals, food, and activities, as well as some more whimsical options like a mind-blown face and a face with hearts instead of eyes. With iOS 16.4, you’ll also be able to use emoji in more places than ever before, with support for them in third-party apps and in the Messages app on macOS.

Safari users will also find a useful new feature in the form of web push notifications. This means that you can now opt to receive notifications from websites that you grant permission to, just like you would with apps. This can be handy for keeping on top of things like news stories, weather updates, and more.

There are also a few changes in store for beta users. The most notable of these is the addition of a new “Beta Updates” section in the Settings app, which makes it easier to keep track of and install upcoming software updates.

Finally, iOS 16.4 also introduces a new “Voice Isolation” feature for phone calls. This is designed to reduce background noise and make it easier to hear the person you’re talking to, even in noisy environments.

So, there you have it: everything that’s new in iOS 16.4. Be sure to update to take advantage of all the new features and improvements.

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