iPhone 15 Rumored to Lack SIM Card Tray in France and Likely Other Countries

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As rumors continue to circulate about the potential release of the iPhone 15, new information has emerged about one of its potentially most controversial features – the lack of a physical SIM card tray.

According to a report from French blog iGeneration, the iPhone 15 could be the first Apple handset to do away with the physical SIM card tray in favor of an all-digital eSIM. This would mean that users in France (and potentially other countries) would have to rely on their carrier’s eSIM in order to use their phone.

While this would certainly be a controversial move on Apple’s part, it’s worth noting that the company has been increasingly moving towards an all-digital future. For example, the company recently replaced its physical iPod Touch with the all-digital iPod Nano.

So far, there’s no word on whether or not this rumor is true. However, if Apple does indeed release an iPhone 15 without a physical SIM card tray, it would be a major shift in the company’s strategy.

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