Apple iOS 16.4: The new emoji you can use on iPhone

a group of sand dunes in the desert

Apple has released a new update for its iPhone operating system, which includes a host of new emoji for users to enjoy. The update, which is iOS 16.4, also includes some other features and improvements.

One of the most notable new additions in iOS 16.4 is the inclusion of more than 100 new emoji. These include a range of different people and faces, as well as some new animals and food items. There are also some new symbols, including a heart on fire and a face with steam coming out of its nose.

In addition to the new emoji, Apple has also made some improvements to its Apple TV app. The app now supports Picture in Picture mode, which allows users to watch video while still being able to use other apps on their device. The app also now has a section dedicated to kids, which includes a range of kid-friendly shows and movies.

Finally, Apple has also included a new feature in iOS 16.4 that will allow users to check if their iPhone has 5G Standalone turned on and working. This feature is designed to help users troubleshoot any issues they may be having with their 5G connection.

Overall, the new iOS 16.4 update includes a range of new features and improvements that will be welcomed by iPhone users.

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