Zoom is adding new features to compete with Slack, Calendly, Google and Microsoft

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Zoom just added a plethora of new features to its platform, most notably some powered by artificial intelligence. Here’s everything you need to know about these new capabilities and how they’ll change the way you videoconference.

First up is the addition of an AI-powered transcription feature that will automatically generate transcripts of your Zoom meetings. This will be extremely useful for recording and keeping track of meeting minutes, as well as for searching through past meetings for specific topics.

Another new feature is the ability tosummarize your meetings for you. This is similar to the transcription feature, but Zoom will automatically generate a condensed, written summary of your meeting that will be saved for later reference.

Finally, Zoom is also adding support for real-time translation of your meetings into multiple languages. This will come in handy for international conference calls, or for calls where not everyone speaks the same language.

All of these new features are powered by artificial intelligence, and they represent a big step forward for Zoom. With these capabilities, Zoom is now better equipped to compete with the likes of Slack, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams.

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