Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference returns June 5

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Apple has announced that their annual Worldwide Developers Conference will return this June 5th. This year’s conference will be held online and in person, giving developers the chance to attend from the comfort of their homes or studios.

As always, the conference will play host to a number of keynote and session speeches from Apple executives and developers alike. These will provide insights into the latest advances in Apple technologies, and offer guidance on best practices for app development.

Although the focus of the conference will be on developers, WWDC is also a great opportunity for Apple fans to get a sneak peek at the company’s latest products and services. This year,rumors are swirling that Apple will use the event to debut its highly anticipated AR headset.

Whether you’re a developer or an Apple fan, WWDC is always a event worth paying attention to. So mark your calendar for June 5th and get ready for another exciting year of Apple announcements.

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