Microsoft to reportedly focus on security and AI in next version of Windows

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Microsoft is reportedly preparing to unveil a slew of drastic changes coming to the Windows platform with the release of Windows 12. According to sources close to the matter, the company is planning to focus on three key areas with the upcoming update: security, artificial intelligence, and faster updates.

If true, this would mark a significant shift in strategy for Microsoft, which has been increasingly emphasizing its Azure cloud computing platform and services in recent years. The move would also come as the company looks to address some of the main criticisms leveled at Windows 10, namely its lackluster security features and slow pace of updates.

According to the report, Microsoft is planning to introduce a number of new security features in Windows 12, including a tamper-resistant security mode and a hardened security kernel. The company is also said to be working on a new artificial intelligence platform that will be integrated into the operating system, which could be used to improve security and performance.

Perhaps most notably, Microsoft is said to be considering a major change to the way it delivers updates to Windows users. The company is reportedly considering a new “streamlined” update process that would see new features and security updates pushed out on a more frequent basis. This would be a departure from the current system, which only delivers major updates on a semi-annual basis.

If Microsoft does indeed go ahead with these changes, it would mark a major shift in the way the company approaches the development of its flagship operating system. The move would also be sure to please users who have been clamoring for more frequent updates and improvements to the security of Windows.

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