Naughty Dog Releases Update For The Last Of Us Part I PC Port

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The Last of Us Part I PC port is currently facing some significant technical difficulties, according to various reports.

The game’s Steam page is currently plastered with negative reviews, with many users citing crashes, bugs, and poor performance.

“The Last of Us Part I on PC is currently unplayable,” wrote one user. “The game is completely riddled with game-breaking bugs.”

“I would not recommend this game to anyone in its current state,” wrote another.

“Do not buy this game unless you want to be extremely frustrated,” wrote another.

These reviews seem to be in line with what other outlets are saying about the game’s PC port.

“The Last of Us Part 1’s PC port isn’t in great shape,” wrote Kotaku. “The game is plagued by crashes, bugs, and poor performance.”

“The Last of Us Part I on PC is filled with bugs,” wrote Engadget. “The game is practically unplayable in its current state.”

“The Last of Us is unplayable on Steam right now,” wrote Push Square.

It’s currently unclear when or if these issues will be fixed, but it’s safe to say that the game’s PC port is currently in a rough state.

If you’re thinking about picking up The Last of Us Part I on PC, you might want to wait until these issues have been ironed out.

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