Siri Can Start a Screen Recording in iOS 16.5 Beta 1

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iOS 16.5 beta 1 was released to developers today, and it contains a highly anticipated new feature: Siri can now start a screen recording.

This is a huge productivity boost for those who use screen recording regularly, as it eliminates the need to fiddle with Settings or QuickTime every time you want to start a recording.

To use the new feature, simply invoke Siri and say “Start a screen recording.” Siri will then confirm that you want to start recording, and the recording will begin immediately.

The new screen recording feature is just one of many new features and improvements coming in iOS 16.5. Other notable changes include a new Picture-in-Picture mode for Apple TV, improvements to the Siri Remote, and a new Multi-View mode for iPad.

Developers can download the iOS 16.5 beta from Apple’s developer portal. The public beta will be available later this month.

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