Google Assistant might be doomed: Division “reorganizes” to focus on Bard

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about Google’s assistant, Bard. Some believe that Bard is the next big thing in terms of virtual assistants, while others believe that Bard is nothing more than a rebranded version of Google’s existing assistant with a few new features.

Personally, I believe that Bard has the potential to be a great assistant. Bard is powered by Google’s new AI technology, which is designed to be more efficient and effective than older AI technologies. Bard also has access to Google’s massive database, which means that Bard can provide you with information that you need quickly and easily.

However, there are some concerns about Bard. First, Bard is still in its early stages, which means that there are bound to be some bugs. Second, Bard is trained on ChatGPT data, which means that Bard could potentially be used to spread lies and misinformation.

That being said, I think Bard is worth keeping an eye on. Bard has the potential to be a great assistant, and I believe that Google is committed to making Bard the best assistant it can be.

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