ChatGPT, Show Me The Money! Microsoft To Place Ads In ChatGPT Powered Bing Search

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Microsoft’s Bing has become the latest victim of the tech giant’s ad-placement-strategy-gone-wrong. The search engine recently announced plans to place ads within its AI-powered chatbot service, which has been met with strong opposition from users.

Critics argue that the ad placements are intrusive and disrupt the user experience. What’s more, they say that the ads are not clearly marked as such, which could lead to users unknowingly clicking on them.

Microsoft has defended the move, saying that the ads will be clearly marked and that they will only be shown to users who have actively opted in to receive them. The company also says that the ads will be targeted and relevant to the user’s interests.

Still, the uproar highlights the challenges that tech companies face when it comes to ad placements. As users continue to demand more transparency and control over the ads they see, tech companies will need to tread carefully to avoid alienating their users.

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