E3 2023 Cancelation Explained | GameSpot News

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E3 2023 has been canceled, and the games industry is in mourning. This annual event was the highlight of the gaming calendar, and its cancellation has come as a shock to many.

So, what exactly happened?

It seems that the games industry just didn’t want this E3. The event has been facing criticism in recent years, with some feeling that it has become too commercialized and focused on big budget triple-A titles.

There has also been a growing disconnect between E3 and the wider gaming community. With the rise of livestreams and social media, gamers can now get their hands on information about upcoming games much sooner than they could previously.

This has led to a feeling that E3 is no longer necessary, and that it is simply a marketing event for the games industry.

The cancellation of E3 is a sign that the games industry is changing, and that it is no longer willing to put on a show for the sake of it. This is a sad day for the gaming community, but it is also a sign of a new era for the industry.

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