Battle of the bots! MailOnline pits ChatGPT against Google’s Bard

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In the tech world, there is always someone trying to one-up the competition. The latest example of this is the battle of the bots, specifically MailOnline’s ChatGPT pitted against Google’s Bard.

Both bots are designed to answer questions from users, but who does it better? Daily Mail put the two to the test, asking each seven questions.

The questions were:

1. What is the capital of Australia?
2. How many states are in the United States?
3. What is the square root of 64?
4. Who invented the light bulb?
5. What is the population of China?
6. What is the highest mountain in the world?
7. What is the speed of light?

The results were mixed, with Bard correctly answering four questions and ChatGPT correctly answering five. However, Bard’s answers were generally more detailed.

For example, when asked who invented the light bulb, Bard provided a detailed answer about who invented the light bulb and when. ChatGPT, on the other hand, simply provided a list of inventors without any additional information.

When it came to the square root of 64, Bard provided the correct answer of 8, while ChatGPT provided a somewhat confusing answer of “64 is 8 squared.”

Overall, it seems Bard is the better bot when it comes to providing accurate and detailed answers. However, ChatGPT is not without its merits – it was able to correctly answer more questions overall.

So, which bot is better? That is up for debate. But one thing is for sure, the competition between these two bots is heating up!

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