Top 5 reasons to update to iOS 16.4 on your iPhone today

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When Apple dropped the first public beta for iOS 14 last June, it came as a bit of a surprise. For months, rumors had circulated that the company was working on a major redesign for the iPhone’s operating system, and that it would be released at WWDC in June. But when the event came and went without any sign of iOS 14, many people assumed that the rumors were wrong, and that Apple had decided to push the redesign back to 2021.

As it turns out, the rumors were right all along. Apple did have a major redesign for iOS 14 planned for 2020, but the company decided to scrap it at the last minute in favor of a more incremental update. The reason for the change was simple: COVID-19.

With the pandemic raging around the world, Apple’s designers and engineers were forced to work from home, and the company’s supply chain was disrupted. In the end, Apple decided that it didn’t have the resources to finish the iOS 14 redesign on time, so it decided to release a more modest update instead.

Now, six months later, Apple is finally ready to release the full version of iOS 14. And while it may not be the radical redesign that many were hoping for, it’s still a significant update that brings a lot of new features and improvements to the iPhone.

Here are the five biggest changes coming to the iPhone with iOS 14.

#1: Home Screen Widgets

One of the most noticeable changes in iOS 14 is the addition of home screen widgets. For the first time, you’ll be able to add widgets to your home screen alongside your app icons.

There are three different sizes of widgets available, and you can add multiple instances of each one. For example, you could add a large widget for your Calendar app, and a small widget for your Weather app.

Widgets can be added to any page on your home screen, and they can be rearranged just like app icons. You can also stack widgets on top of each other to create a custom design.

#2: App Library

The App Library is a new space on your home screen that gives you quick access to all of your installed apps. It’s similar to the Launchpad on the Mac, and it’s a great way to declutter your home screen.

App Library is automatically organized into categories, and you can also create your own custom folders. It’s a handy way to keep your apps organized and easy to find.

#3: Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-Picture is a long-awaited feature that finally comes to the iPhone with iOS 14. With Picture-in-Picture, you can watch a video in a small window while you use another app.

For example, you can start watching a YouTube video, then switch to another app to continue browsing the web or checking your email. The video will continue playing in a small window in the corner of your screen.

Picture-in-Picture is supported by a number of video apps, including YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. And it’s especially useful on the larger-screened iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

#4: Translate App

The Translate app is a new addition to iOS 14 that lets you quickly translates phrases from one language to another. It’s similar to the Google Translate app, but it’s built into iOS so you don’t need to download anything.

To use the Translate app, you first choose the language you want to translate from and the language you want to translate to. Then you type or speak the phrase you want to translate.

The Translate app is great for travelers, or for anyone who needs to quickly translate a phrase.

#5: Privacy Improvements

Apple has made a number of privacy improvements in iOS 14. One of the most notable is the addition of a new “Privacy Report” feature that shows you which apps have been tracking your location, accessing your microphone, and more.

There are also new controls that let you choose whether or not to share your approximate location with an app, instead of your exact location. And Safari now has a built-in password generator that creates strong, unique passwords for you.

These are just a few of the many new features and improvements coming to the iPhone with iOS 14. Be sure to update to the latest version when it’s released later this year to take advantage of all the new features.

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